Totoro Toast Bento

Totoro Toast Bento (4)Tototo Toast Bento in the cutest Biscuit Bento Box from kawaii online store

Recently I was blessed to received a box of bento goodies from In the box were many kawaii products including this super cute light beige Biscuit designed Bento Lunch Box from Japan.

I immediately knew that I had to make a bento with this box.

BPA free and compatible for dishwasher, this bento box is not only visually appealing, it is also safe for food consumption and of good quality. I like that it comes with a inner compartment and also a bento box rubber band.

I will showcase more of the other goodies from in the coming weeks :)

Since it is Totoro week on Instagram this week organised by one of my IG friends, I decided that I will make a Totoro Toast Bento.

Biscuit Bento Lunch Box

To make Totoro toast, I could not decide between making some toast art or french toast – so I made both! haha. The french toast was a lot more yummy, I think I will make this again soon.

For the toast art, I spread a very thin layer of butter on the bread slice and drew on/dabbed / painted on the design using chocolate sauce, ground black sesame, black cocoa powder, pistachio spread and matcha powder.

For the totoro french toast, simply cut the bread slice into Totoro shape, coat both sides evenly with beaten egg mixture. And dust with snow powder sugar and black cocoa powder using some hand cut stencils for the designs.

Totoro Toast Bento (1)At the side, I prepared a small dish of low fat yogurt with blueberries made to look like soot spirits.

The eyes were made from cheese and sushi seaweed.

Its that simple!Totoro Toast Bento (3)

Oh yes, the bento box comes in two colours too – beige coloour (that I have) or dark brown colour.

Click on the images below to find out more.

beige biscuit bento box dark brown biscuit bento boxImages above from

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