TripleLights – Food Sample Making in Tokyo

Food Sample workshop in TokyoI did it! I made a set of tempura food sample in Tokyo!

I have always wanted so badly to try my hands to make Japanese food samples. Thanks to travel specialist TripleLights, a tourism website that help matches visitors with professional licenced guide for varied tours in Japan.

Read my earlier introduction blog post on TripleLights here.

Majority of their licensed guides are natives (Japanese) but they conduct the tours in English language. This makes it great for tourists and visitors who sometimes find language barrier an issue in Japan.

It is also wonderful as the tour can be customised to your needs and budget.

TripleLights tour

Access TripleLights website, search for tours based on interests or locations (etc), and you can read the details, costings etc. You can then book the tour or you can also contact the guide if there are additional enquiries.

Tours under TripleLights


Many of the tours are great if you are travelling as a pair or small group, as it will be very value-for-money! Since the amount quoted is sometimes charged as a group (please check individual tours as some pricing are for per pax).


Once the booking is done, you can check the details under your account page – bookings.

If you prefer customised tours, you can contact the guide directly and communicate with them on your needs.

On their profile page, you can read about their bio brief, language of tours offered and also ratings/reviews. It also shows you all the existing tours that the guide offers, which gives you an idea on whether the guide would be suitable for your desired activity.

Yuka TripleLights guide

After getting in touch with Yuka-san, one of the most popular guide under TripleLights, she had helped me plan out a wonderful whole day of activities in Tokyo.

Throughout our communication, she was so quick in responding, ever so sweet and polite and open to my requests. It was such a pleasure to have her as my guide.

She is also very clear and upfront in sharing the itinerary planned for the day as well as the cost involved.

Contacting guide

It was also through Yuka-san that I was able to arrange for that exclusive meeting and hands on session with 3D latte art artist Kazuki san, which you would have read on my blog earlier on.


Yuka-san picked me up at my rented apartment and we headed over to Kappabashi street.

The famous kitchen street in Tokyo, Japan. One can literally find anything and everything relating to Japanese cooking and restaurant business needs there. The street is also known for its several fake food/food sample stores that sell super realistic food samples.

Read more about Kappabashi here.

None of the food items you see below are real food. Yes, they are all sample food! :D

DSC07035 DSC06996 DSC06998 DSC06997 DSC07009 DSC07159DSC07018We arrive at the food sample store – Ganso Shokuhin Sample Store (元祖食品サンプル屋). Even after visiting Kappabashi so many times, I didn’t know about this store that offers workshop experience to make food samples if not for Yuka san’s arrangements.

The workshop experience requires pre-reservations and is very popular. In fact, it was almost a full group that day, and all were Japanese except me! :p Japanese people are just as fascinated by the awesome food samples!

The fees are very reasonable, only 2160yen per person, and you get to make the food samples and bring it home. The session is about 60-75 mins long.

DSC07031 DSC07032 DSC07044

DSC07038We headed upstairs to the classroom space where the tools and packaging were laid out nicely for each of us. They provide bags and packaging for you to pack away your food samples at the end of the class – thoughtful :)

The teacher went through the steps to make the tempura and cabbage, we were all so excited.

Then it was our turn to make!

DSC07067DSC07050 DSC07073 DSC07084First up, it was my tempura prawns! How do they look? :) So yummy right!!

We then made cabbage!! Gosh, this is exactly like those cool Youtube videos on Japanese food sample making!

DSC07109 DSC07116 DSC07066This was so so awesome! I was really happy and quite proud of my creation!

DSC07148If you don’t have the time to go for the workshop experience, you can even pick up a DIY food sample pack, where you can bring back and try making food samples.

DSC06989 DSC07028


A tourism platform that connects tourists and tour guide professionals.


Tour guide – Yuka (profile page)


Ganso Shokuhin Sample Store (元祖食品サンプル屋)


Workshop experience (Kappabashi store)


Blog post disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, part of the tour package is compliments of TripleLights. 

  • kwbentodiary
    November 27, 2014

    Wow wow wow! Amazing sharing Shirley! Always love Japan Food sample displayed and you did so well. I must say you’re amazing talented ^_^