Tsum Tsum Sushi

Tsum Tsum Sushi Dango (2)Tsum Tsum Sushi for lunch.

Getting back to the bento/foodart making groove for a bit before the long weekend. WOO HOO! Totally love long weekends~~

Have got to enjoy it while it last since the beginning of the new year has lesser public holidays.

I baked some Tsum Tsum bread but that will be for tomorrow’s posting. (Super excited though and can’t wait to share them with you).

But first, sharing with you these cute dango sushi balls, designed and created to look like the characters from Tsum Tsum Disney game.Tsum Tsum Sushi Dango (1)

Can you recognise all of the Tsum Tsum characters?

We have Piglet, Pooh Bear, Donald Duck , Mickey, Daisy Duck and Pluto Dog.

Mainly made out of sushi rice, I coloured most of them naturally except the ears of piglet where I used some pink colouring to achieve the darker tone. You can use other ingredients like ham to make the ears.

I shape the sushi rice into balls of around 30-35g, and added the details using sushi seaweed/slice cheese etc. Tsum Tsum Sushi Dango (3)

The side dishes for today’s Tsum Tsum sushi lunch are some sauteed vegetables, with prawns and egg. You can pair the sushi with your own favourite side dishes/meat etc.

Used my sushi board from Bento & co today.

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  • Olivia
    December 31, 2015

    I just found your blog (after ordering your Kawaii Bento Book) and it is the CUTEST! I’ve just spent the past hour or so just getting lost in your adorable and delicious looking creations! I can’t wait for the book to arrive and in the mean time I’m just going to keep staring at the beautiful space you have created on the internet! :D

    • Little Miss Bento, Shirley Wong
      January 11, 2016

      Awwww you are so sweet! thank you so much! I am so happy you like my creations and thanks for supporting my book too!