Twin Stars Melody Wagashi

Twin Stars Melody Wagashi (2)Twin Stars Melody Wagashi

Sanrio celebrates 40th anniversary for the Little Twin Stars and My Melody this year. As a result, there has been so many amazing and pretty pop up stores, special products and merchandise sold specially on the characters this year in Japan.

I hope that I will be able to make it for the next round of Twin Stars pop up store.

Twin Stars Melody Wagashi (4)Do you know wagashi? Wagashi is Japanese traditional confectionery, usually enjoyed with tea.

There are many different types of wagashi and today this Sanrio theme wagashi is nerikiri. Nerikiri (煉り切り) , literally translated as knead and cut refers a part of the process in preparing the bean paste dough in making the wagashi sweets.

Made from shiro-an (white bean paste) and Gyūhi (blend of shiratamako, sugar and water – cooked into a sticky paste), nerikiri is often shaped into beautiful and intricate designs.

Here is another example of a more traditional Nerikiri wagashi that I made.

Japanese wagashi nerikiri

Twin Stars Melody Wagashi (3)Today I decided to make a cute version.

Sanrio once again~ I actually have another idea in mind but I want to wait until later the year in my collaboration with Sanrio to make those ;D So here is the wagashi first!

Little Twin Stars wagashi and My Melody Wagashi for you.

Twin Stars Melody Wagashi (1)

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