Visit Kobe (part 2)

Part 2 of my awesome visit to Kobe city in Japan. Read part 1 here.

Aside from the various key areas I visited , I wanted to highlight several other really awesome attractions and experiences I had in Kobe.

二郎農園 Strawberry picking at Niro-Ichigo Farm


I had my first and the most amazing ichigo picking experience at Niro-ichigo Farm.

Each of the strawberries were super sweet and soft, every one we picked was perfect! This is a must visit for those travelling to Kobe.

The season is from mid January to early June. Did you know that their strawberries are so popular locally that they do not even produce enough to export these amazing strawberries outside of Japan? So you have to try them if you visit Kobe.

They take reservations but also accept walk ins. As they could get quite popular, it might be good to make reservations prior to going down.


酒心館 Shu Shin Kan Sake Brewery and Store (Japanese) (English)

Address: 株式会社神戸酒心館 〒658-0044 神戸市東灘区御影塚町1-8-17

Located in Nada district of Kobe,250 years old sake brewery Shu Shin Kan is extremely known for their premium and award winning sake.

The quality of the locally grown Japanese rice and the purity of the water filtered from streams high in the Rokko Mountains; are essential to the brewing of their premium sake.

Using these best rice and water, their sake is produced using traditional handcrafting techniques to create that fruity, umami, and smooth premium flavour.

Their sake has won top accolades and awards both in Japan and internationally. It was even served as celebratory drink for Nobel prize awards.

Recommend to visit their shop after the brewery tour and to get some of their amazing sake. They also have a Japanese fine dining restaurant where you can enjoy washoku (Japanese cuisine) and their sake.

_DSC7232 _DSC7228

竹中大工道具館 Takenake Carpentry Tools Musuem (Japanese) (English)

Note: Workshops registrations are by walk-in and are only available on weekends.

Address: 日本, 〒651-0056 兵庫県神戸市中央区熊内町7丁目5−1

Hours: 930am to 430pm (last admission 4pm), Closed on Mondays

I am usually not a museum type of traveller, but Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum was totally worth the visit. I learnt so much about Japanese traditional architecture and carpentry.

Relocated near Shin-Kobe station since autumn 2014, this musuem is popular with local and international travellers. And it was one of the best museums I have been to.

In there, you can see, feel and touch the art behind the renowned skills of Japanese master craftsmen.
And even make something on your own, like chopsticks, cute plates, or even mini chair. I made my own chopsticks! It was so fun~~

_DSC7478IMG_0439 _DSC7483IMG_0847

Night View in Kobe

Night view in Kobe, is well known amongst the Japanese as the “10 million-dollar sparkling view”. There are various night view spots in the city, including Kobe Port area to Rokko Garden Terrace.

Remember to arm yourself with a camera to get some of these beautiful illumination in photos.IMG_9765

神戸北野異人館店 Starbucks, Kobe Kitano Ijinkan Store

Address: 〒650-0002 兵庫県 神戸市中央区 北野町3-1-31 北野物語館

Hours: 8am to 10pm, open daily

You might ask.. why Starbucks? Not just any Starbucks but this particular one – the Kobe Kitano Ijinkan Store, is located in a beautiful, 19th century old Western style building. 

What is so special is that once you enter the historical building, it feels like travelling back in time.

There are a total of 7 rooms with different decoration and set up, from lounge, to a book reading room and even a dining room. I almost couldn’t decide where to sit.

Although I ended up enjoying the alfresco seats since the weather was wonderful that day.

However, do note that the menu in their Starbucks is the same as the rest in Japan city.IMG_9940IMG_0086 IMG_0084


Kobe Sweets and Bread

Isuzu Bakery

Patisserie Tooth Tooth

Did you know that Kobe is the largest bread consumer in the whole of Japan. Not surprising that there are numerous bakeries around selling Danish bread, Japanese bread, German bread… take your pick!

One of the biggest bakery in Kobe is Isuzu bakery. This bakery has been providing bread for locals for some 50 years. The baker at Isuzu Bakery has also been appointed as a Kobe Meister in the category of bread making.IMG_0280_DSC7315

Because of Kobe’s history and status as a port, the influx of western culture also meant that Kobe is the birthplace of Japanese western sweets (yogashi).IMG_9866 IMG_9863

As a result, there are so many top notch pastry cafes and patisseries in Kobe. I wished I had more time to eat more desserts but I did had the luck to try out Tooth Tooth patisserie, a well know pastry cafe. Their maison 15th outlet is housed in a beautiful old building and service is top notch of fine dining standards.

Seems like their high tea is very popular too – it was sold out by the time I arrived at 4pm.IMG_0460_DSC7516


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