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_DSC7236 2IMG_0251When I say Kobe, many non Japanese might only think of the famous Kobe beef. But did you know that this city is way more than just beef, it is a vibrant hub of exciting attractions and good food. One that would please both solo travellers, couples and families too.

Thanks to the invite by Kobe City, I was able to experience a memorable visit travelling to Kobe.

Kobe, spans from their well known waterfront port area to shopping streets and chic mountain area. Best part if that the fun never ends even when the sun sets. The night in Kobe is just as exciting as the day.FullSizeRender

Getting to Kobe?

Being the 6th largest city in the whole of Japan, Kobe like the other major cities is well connected. Kobe City can be accessed easily from airports such as Osaka’s Kansai Airport or Kobe Airport, with major trains like shinkansen, JR and buses running in the city too.

Plan your access via Kobe’s official tourism site here

There are some many areas to explore in Kobe, I wished I can cover more during this trip. Here are some of the highlights of my visit.

Harborland and Meriken Park Area

This area is not to be missed for Kobe’s signature waterfront scenery, offering different views in the day and at night.

The Kobe Port Tower at 108 meter, is actually the first lattice tower in the world!

The Meriken Park which is close to the Meriken Peir was first opened as a gateway to shipment cargoes from all over the world in the 19th century.

After all the romantic sightseeing, head over to Kobe Harbourland Umie for some shopping. A vast shopping mall with numerous shopping and dining options. I particularly loved the character store street!

If you are like me and love cute goods, then you must not also miss out the Anpanman Musuem just next to Harbourland. The musuem also has a special level with store and eateries selling all Anpanman goods!IMG_9741IMG_9746


Motomachi and Nankinmachi (Chinatown)

One of the most famous major Chinatowns in Japan, you will find over 100 Chinese restaurants and other stores. I even spotted some really cute steam buns – just look at that chick.

Need a place to rest? Hop over to the Owl Cafe in Kobe. One of the few Owl animal cafe in Japan. It was such an amazing experience getting up and close with the owls. They were so gentle and loved it when gently stroke on the head.

The store assistants will instruct you what you can or cannot do. For instance no flash light from the cameras as it would scare these sweet little creatures.IMG_0409 IMG_0405_DSC7381IMG_0578IMG_0376


Shopaholics alert! A must go for the best fashion, beauty and great dining stores.

One of the most lively areas in Kobe, with major train stations in the area, this is also the place where you can visit your favourite high end fashion stores, multi stories tall Tokyu Hands and Loft, SOGO, Daimaru and even a 24hrs supermarket.

Bye bye my wallet :P

A vibrant city that has almost everything for the different travellers coming to Kobe.IMG_0861

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