Winnie the Pooh RICE tableware

Winnie the Pooh Food art (1)I have a weakness for tableware and kitchenware…

When I walked into Motherswork yesterday evening, I was amazed at the collection of RICE tableware. Super cute designs and cheerful colours, these are children friendly melamine tableware range.

rice tableware (1)

These tableware are totally cute enough even for adults like me!

This is the time when I feel like a little child, “in a candy store”.

rice tableware (3) rice tableware (2)

So today I made this Winnie the Pooh tableware with some of my latest finds at the Motherswork store.

I love these melamine side plates with gold polka dots.

Somehow these cute polka dot plates from RICE made me think of Winnie the Pooh~ So I made Winnie the Pooh foodart.

Winnie the Pooh Food art (2)

Winnie the Pooh is comatose from eating too much honey! Hahahh

I love the toppled honey pot that I created~ the mini pot was bought in Japan.

I made the spilled honey from The Laughing Cow slice cheese and also decorated with some Winnie the Pooh pasta.

Winnie the Pooh was made from Japanese rice mixed with egg soboro and shaped into the various parts. The red tee was made from crabstick (red layer only).

And Winnie the Pooh’s  features were made from seaweed which I cut freehand.

The side dishes were yummy too! Baked bacon slices, baked pumpkin, sautéed sweet peas with mushrooms, lettuce and more of The Laughing Cow’s 8 portion cheese.

I think my Winnie the Pooh foodart matched well with my new RICE tableware, what do you think?



Four outlets in Singapore, at Great World City, Tanglin Mall, Marina Bay Sands and 112 Katong.

Motherswork store information and location here.



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