Winnie the Pooh Deco Shiratama Pudding

IMG_0763Winnie the Pooh Deco Shiratama Pudding sweets~

It has been a while since I made deco shiratama dango.

Shiratama dango is Japanese dumplings, similar to chinese tang yuan except that it is more chewy and more bite as compared to the soft tang yuan.

They are great for desserts and sweets, e.g. eaten with kinako (roasted soy bean powder) and anko (red bean paste), served with ice cream in parfaits, in sweetened soup or syrup, or other types of your favourite sweets.


The recipe uses Shiratamako (Japanese glutinous rice flour) written as 白玉粉 in Kanji. They are available at Japanese supermarkets such as Isetan and Meidi-Ya. I have occasionally spotted them at Daiso too.

Recipe for Winnie the Pooh deco shiratama dango

  • Shiratamako (Japanese glutinous rice flour) approx65g
  • Silken tofu 70g~80g
  • Gel food colours (yellow, lemon yellow, red, moss green)
  • Americolor Food Gourmet Pen (black)

* If the Shiratamako  is not available at your country, you can try using normal glutinous rice flour.

* I used Wilton edible gel colors in this recipe, you can substitute with other types of natural food coloring. Note that if you are using liquid food coloring, the dough should not be too wet as the food coloring will be added ‘moisture’.

*Tip: the colours will usually deepen slightly after the shiratama dango are cooked, so do take note when colouring the dough. 

*Tip: The tofu in this recipe provides the ‘moisture’ content for the deco tang yuan, so you should adjust the amount accordingly. So usually I do not add in all the tofu at one time, I will add about the same amount as the flour then slowly adjust the amount and add in more until my dough reaches the desired texture.


  1. In a mixing bowl, add in shiratamako and equal amount of tofu (65g). Knead and mix well, it will resemble wet crumbs.
  2. Then slowly add in more tofu and knead until the dough comes together and you have a soft dough that does not break or crack when shaped. The texture/feel is like ear lobe :P
  3. Divide the dough into about 1:1:3 parts. To the largest (3) dough, colour it yellow by adding some yellow gel colours and kneading the dough.
  4. To one small part (1) of the dough, colour it red by adding some red gel colours and kneading the dough.
  5. To the last small part (1) of the dough, further divide into 1:2 parts. To the larger part, colour it green by adding some green gel colours and keading the dough. The last smallest part of the dough to be coloured light lemon yellow  by adding yellow gel colours and kneading.
  6. Shape the coloured doughs into the Winnie the Pooh characters in different poses on small pieces of non stick baking paper.
  7. Draw on the features using Americolor Gourmet Pen (black), if not you can also use a thin brush to ‘paint’ on some food colour.Recipe Deco Shiratama Dango (1)Recipe Deco Shiratama Dango (2)
  8. Bring a pot of water to boil. Slower ease the Winnie the Pooh deco shiratama dango into the boiling water with paper intact.
  9. The paper will float or detach itself from the Winnie the Pooh deco shiratama dango  as it cooks. Remove from water.
  10. Cook the Winnie the Pooh deco shiratama dango until they float up while boiling. This indicate that they are cooked.
  11. Remove and immediately place in ice water. Serve with sweets.

IMG_0764I made Earl Grey Tea Pudding to go with my Winnie the Pooh Deco Shiratama dango!

The pudding is soft and creamy which I really like :)  yummy!

I hope you like this fun recipe blog post!


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