Autumn Bento

Autumn Bento

Autumn Bento!

I love Autumn! Must try to make a few more autumn bento before the next season comes!

After my wonderful visit to Nikko for koyo (autumn leaves) viewing, read post here, I just had to make a autumn theme bento! See one of the many beautiful photos I took at Nikko.


I absolutely love the warm colours of autumn, the beautiful golden yellow, orange and red colours of the autumn leaves. I tried to recreate that same color theme in today’s bento.

Autumn Bento

To make the autumn leaves, I used some edible flower toppings, and using my maple leaf cutter, I cut out pieces of carrots and red thin egg sheet. I also quickly deep fried two momiji (maple leaves) mochi pieces.

Packed the bento in my new lacquered Maru Magewappa (bent wood) bento box from Asakusa Magewappa Store.

As I have blogged before, the Asakusa store by master craftsman Yoshinobu Shibata and his son Masahisa Shibata sells the amazing quality magewappa (bent wood) bento boxes, each hand-crafted and impeccable. 

Autumn Bento

I also included the side dishes that highlights some of the best seasonal produce during the autumn season, including sweet potato (satsumaimo), pumpkin (kabocha) and mushrooms (kinoko). The sweet potato was baked in the oven and the pumpkin was simmered in dashi and soy sauce. I also made the golden mushroom tempura.

The other side dishes included teriyaki salmon, vegetables and hot soup (not in photo).

In the last photo, you will also see some of the beautiful and yummy autumn snacks and traditional confectionery that I bought in Japan.

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