Avengers Captain America Bento

Avengers BentoAvengers Captain America Bento!

Avengers is definitely one of the hottest trend lately as the movie screens in cinemas. Based on Marvel’s comics series, Avengers which comprises of a team of super heros and their journey to fight justice and protect the city.

In the successful movie series directed by Joss Whedon, some of the key super hero characters included Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk and Thor. Love the chemistry and comic factor in the movie amongst the characters and am so looking forward to watching Avengers: Age of Ultron this week!

But first up, Captain America Bento for you.Avengers Bento

Reason why I made this bento is partly because I have some leftover blue colored rice in the fridge which I cooked yesterday for Stitch Bento. So I wanted to use up the rice and Captain America it is.

I do hope that I will at least be able to make an Iron Man Bento in this week or latest next.  Earlier on I made a seaweed cutting bento of The Hulk and Thor. See post here.Avengers Bento

As mentioned in my blog post yesterday, the blue was coloured mainly from blue pea flower extract (troublesome – thats why I rarely work with blue haha).

Captain America:

  • Head (rice mixed with some teriyaki sauce)
  • Hair (egg sheet)
  • Eyes, mouth (seaweed)
  • Shield, Body, Arm (blue rice, crabstick)Avengers Bento

The side dishes included some sauteed vegetables of mushroom, baby corn and french beans, carrots which I cut using cutters and skewer them with bento pick, lettuce, steamed corn and buffalo drumlets.

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