Bakery & Bar ST. MARC

IMG_8078Located at Parkland Green at East Coast Park, Bakery & Bar ST. MARC offers something more than its usual array of desserts and pastries found in their regular bakery outlets.

The first thing that struck me when I entered Bakery & Bar ST. MARC  was the extensive menu and the choices of main meal items including pastas, sandwiches and even brunch items. Bakery & Bar ST. MARC is a newly concept from Saint Marc Cafe, where  they also serve wine, beer, pasta and bar food.

The 100-seater cafe includes a spacious set up with lots of natural lighting, making good use of its location just in front of the beach. Bakery & Bar ST. MARC is so popular on weekends that queues are known to form even more its opening hours.

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To start our meal, we choose to have the Carbonara $15.80 full size / $6.80 half size.

Bakery & Bar ST. MARC uses authentic Japanese nama pasta made from 100% semolina durum wheat, giving it that signature mochi mochi chew texture. It is also lovely that the cafe offers size options for selected pasta items, giving diners a choice of a light bite or a full size meal.

The Cabonara served with a creamy sauce of bacon, parmigianino, black peper and an egg yolk. Its rich flavours makes this meal a satisfying one, abeilt better if the bacon was more charred and crisp. Ladies may also wish to opt for the half size portion and leave some space for other sides or desserts :)

IMG_8075 IMG_8076The one pasta I enjoyed was the Sepia Nero squid ink pasta $18.80.

Perfectly al dente nama pasta served with squid ink, cream, fresh squid, clam and cherry tomato. Would have scored it even more if there was more seafood, but flavour wise, it hit the right notes. The cherry tomatoes also provided a nice tartness balance with the pasta noodles.

IMG_8077Beef lovers rejoice, their The Bakery Wagyu Burger $21,80 will fill your tummy well.

A huge size burger with juicy wagyu beef patty, melted cheese in homemade sesame bun, tomatoes, lettuce, onion and jam served with a french fries side.

IMG_8079 IMG_8080

And of course, we had to end our meal with some dessert.

Here is one of their most popular parfait dessert, the Miyako $7.30. Soft serve with azuki red bean paste, matcha ice cream, shiratama rice balls, warabi mochi dusted in kinako (roasted soy bean powder).

So huge that it is best as a sharing portion. IMG_8082Many might also know St Marc for their signature Chococro pastries.

In celebration of SG50, St Marc launched a brand new limited edition flavour – Chilli Crab ChocoCro $2.60.

A combination of the local dish in their popular chococro croissants. Available until 31 August 2015 only!

Best eaten warm, get them to toast up for you if dining in.


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Address: Parkland Green @ ECP 920 East Coast Parkway #01-09/10 Singapore 449875

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00 (Tue – Fri) | 09:00 – 22:00 (Sat, Sun PH) |Closed on Mondays

Blog post disclaimer: Media tasting and review was organised in collaboration with WAttention Singapore. All views expressed are my own. 

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  • Li Tian
    July 13, 2015

    Mmm….that Carbonara looks rich and good. Anyway, just want to comment that I love the new refreshed look of your website :) Sorry if I am slow cos I just notice that the pictures in the scrolling panel (on the homepage) has been updated with the latest media features and beautiful food photos!

    Looking forward to your upcoming series of fairytale bento~~