Bob Minion Bento

Bob Minion Bento (2)Bob Minion Bento!

I think you guys might expect a couple of minions theme bento this 2 weeks. Totally thrilled and tickled by the minions movie that I watched over the weekend.

We are so lucky that the minions movie opened here in Singapore, even earlier than in US. Haven’t watched yet?

Then you got to check out their trailer (so funny!!!) via their Official website.

If you have watched the minions movie, you would then know of the 3 key minion characters in the movie, Stuart, Kevin and the cutest Bob.

Bob always carries his super cute bear plush toy along, aka like a ‘chou chou’ (local context).

The bear plush toy’s name is Tim.

Bob has a childlike personality that is so adorable!!!



I knew that I just had to make this Bob Minion Bento.

Bob is currently my favourite minion~

To make Bob the minion and Tim the bear, here are the ingredients

Bob Minion

  • Japanese rice with egg yolk (body/arms)
  • seaweed (hands, mouth)
  • blue egg sheet (jumper)
  • Japanese rice wrapped in seaweed (shoes)
  • sliced egg white of hard boiled egg + seaweed (eyes)
  • grey egg sheet (goggles)
  • seaweed (goggles’ band)

Tim Bear

  • Japanese rice with bonito rice sprinkles (furikake)
  • chicken ham + seaweed (button eyes)
  • seaweed (nose)
  • picnic ham (mouth)

Bob Minion Bento (1)I hope you like this bento as much as the fun I had making it.

Making this Bob Minion bento made me smile as I was creating the character :D

The side dishes included sauteed french beans with carrots, lettuce, grilled spicy fish patties and meat balls.

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