Bosch Master Gourmet Launch in Singapore

I was invited to the Bosch Master Gourmet Launch on Saturday where I got the first hand experiential viewing of the new Bosch MaxxiMUM Kitchen Machine and the new Bosch MaxoMixx Hand Blender. 
These cool kitchen gadgets will be available at all leading departmental and electrical stores from 1 April 2014 onwards. 
During this media session, we got to see hands on action of 5 recipes by Chef Stephan Zoisi from My Private Chef. It was super cool watching Chef Stephan make bacon ice cream with dry ice, felt like a MasterChef episode! The food were all very yummy too! 
We then formed small groups and got to create our own Bombe Alaska dessert – this was super fun! Below is my creation! :)
It was also very awesome to catch up with some of my IG and blogger friends including @efatrie @cuisineparadise and @ig_honeybeesweets :)
This blog post will also be shared and linked up at Bosch’s facebook page from 4 April onwards as well as the other blogger’s postings as well. 
The blogger with the most like gets to walk away with a MaxoMixx, heheh, do support me!! Voting ends 7 April 2014 :)

Bosch Master Gourmet Launch

The new Bosch MaxxiMUM Kitchen Machine boosts a 1600W motor and a dough sensor that keeps speed consistant even with stiff dough consistencies. I also personally saw how the whisk move in 3 directions touching the sides of the bowl – now this is really cool! In addition, it  also comes with a 1.75 litres Thermosafe blender.

Definitely for the passionate cook!

The MUMXL40G model version has the additional shredder with four different changeable discs to get the chopping, dicing and shredding you need.  Well, if this is not enough, you can also purchase additional accessories such as meat mincer, pasta, multi-mixer and even grain mill attachments from Tangs Orchard or Bosch’s online store.

Bosch MaxxiMUM MUMXL20T Kitchen Machine $1,499
Bosch MaxxiMUM MUMXL40G Kitchen Machine $1,699

The new Bosch MaxoMixx Hand Blender is great for the kitchen enthusiasts and in term of price barrier, this will definitely more affordable to many. MaxoMixx is set with 12 speed settings, 750W power and is versatile as a whisk or chopper with the change of detachable accessories. This will also be good for recipes with smaller amounts. 
Bosch MaxoMixx MSM87180 Hand Blender $219
This is Chef Stephan and here are 2 of Chef’s recipes and more photos of the event! 
I personally was super thrilled by the bacon ice-cream making process. The smoothie recipe is also a keeper – healthy and yummy. The pasta was so delicious too!
1. Smoothie (6 portions) Recipe
Banana 2 pc
Pineapple 1no
Blueberries 500g
Yogurt 500g
Crushed ice as preferred
Cut the fruits like banana and pineapple into smaller pieces. Place all the ingredients into the MaxxiMUM Blender attachment and blend until the crushed ice is incorporated. 
2. Bacon Ice Cream Recipe (8 portions)
*made with dry ice
Milk 600ml
Streaky bacon 200g
Sugar 100g
Eggs 8
Cream 450ml
1. Roast bacon in a pan till crips. Remove and drain on kitchen towel. 
2. Preheat milk and cream, add the bacon and infuse for at least 2 to 3 hours (best overnight)
3. Whisk sugar and egg yolk until creamy, add in the bacon infused milk mixture. Sieve to remove the bacon bits. 
4. Put the mixture back on the stove and cooked (while stirring constantly) until it reaches a custard stage. Let it cool and transfer into fridge.
5. Transfer into the mixing bowl and add dry ice while whisking the mixture. Stop when it reaches the ice cream texture. 
6. Serve or store in fridge. At the event, the bacon ice cream was served with cheese souffle! yum!
The other yummy food that Chef Stephen introduced included Pasta Bolognese (with homemade pasta!), Cheese Souffle and Bombe Alaska. 

Now now! Comes the part where we got to make our own Bombe Alaska after watching Chef Stephen demonstrate his creation. 

We made the strawberry sauce using fresh strawberries and icing sugar. Whipped up our meringue and each of us got to plate and torch our own dessert! So fun!!

This was my creation and plating! Hehe, what do you think??
Photo Credit: Photos without watermark are kindly provided by BSH Home Appliances.

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