Brown Cony Pancakes

Brown Cony Pancakes (1)Brown Cony Pancakes to chase away the Monday blues.

Sorry for the long break on my blog, ever since my injury end last year I have been rather slack in updating my blog. Even though I have still been making lots of food, bento and bakes. If you can follow me on Instagram – you will get a more constant updates of my creations.

I might have to do collation to put up all the creations I made over the last 3 months of break.

Here to start off is a cute breakfast pancake set.Brown Cony Pancakes (3)

Inspired by the super cute LINE characters chocolates I bought in Kobe City, I decided to make myself some nice chocolate pancakes.

Brown character was created by added small oval slab of butter and chocolate fudge for the eyes and nose.

A rather simple breakfast as I will be flying back to Japan in 2 days time; and I didn’t want to overstock my fridge.

Cony on the other hand is made from apple. Tip: remember to spray some lemon juice (or lime) to prevent discoloration of the apple.

What are you having for breakfast this Monday morning?

Lets take another look at the cute LINE characters chocolates.

Got them from MAQUIS, a well known confectionery originating in Kobe City since establishment in 1997.Brown Cony LINE chocolates

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