Bunny Deco Sushi and Cookbook Launch

Bunny Deco Sushi (2)I am so excited to share more about the launch of my upcoming new cookbook  titled ‘Kawaii Deco Sushi‘.

Yes, this book is all about cute decorative sushi.

And each recipe is fully illustrated!

I was doing a promo video over the weekend in preparation of the launch so I made this bunny deco sushi for the video.

Hop hop hop~~ this bunny deco sushi is not only cute but also very yummy!

kawaii deco sushi cover

This time round, I came up with original designs of 29 deco sushi recipes, under various themes including: Garden, Autumn, Animal, Food, Transport and Romance.

Learn and make deco sushi from flowers, to cute animals, a police car and even a watermelon!

Prepare these deco sushi to brighten any table, bento box or picnic basket, and rope in children and guests to join in the fun!

‘Kawaii Deco Sushi is already in stores now at major bookstores and online stores are taking pre-orders. Please see more details here.

If you are coming over to Singapore or residing here, please join  me at my Official book launch which will be on 11 July 2015 (Saturday) 4pm at Kinokuniya Takashimaya store.

I would love to meet you and of course be happy to autograph the cookbook!

Kawaii Deco Sushi Poster



This Bunny Sushi recipe is included in Kawaii Deco Sushi cookbook under Animal theme section.

This time, instead of pink fish floss, I used salmon flakes to colour the rice, hence a slight orangey pink colour.

The recipes are very versatile, like this example, you can choose to change the colours slightly according to your own preference. There is a very useful colour chart in the cookbook that guides you on how to use various food ingredients to colour the rice into different hues.

Bunny Deco Sushi (1)I am so excited to show you the final edited video!

Stay tuned for more updates~~

And please continue to support me and my books!

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More info on my bento cookbook titled ‘Kawaii Bento’  here and my 2nd cookbook titled ‘Kawaii Deco Sushi’ out now in stores here!
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