Cat in Box Onigiri

Cat in Box Onigiri kawaii (3) Cat in Box onigiri.

This creation is for all cat owners and cat lovers. And maybe they can share with me why cats love boxes so much.

I have seen way too many super cute videos of how these cats will jump into boxes of various sizes, trying to squeeze and fit themselves into the boxes. Super cute and hilarious.

There is even this internet famous Japanese cat, Maru. And countless videos of Maru jumping/squeezing into all sort of boxes. Maru has even been described as the most famous cat on the internet. His video has been viewed over 200 million times (source: Wikipedia).

Click below to see Maru’s Youtube channel  – beware of the cuteness overload! You have been warned!


So I thought it will be so cute to depict this interesting behaviour of kitty cats and their boxes, and made these Cat in Box onigiri foodart.

Inspired by (and dedicated to) all the cute cats!

The kitty cats were really easy to make. If you can find such cute paper boxes (meant for baking) it will be a breeze to remake them.Cat in Box Onigiri kawaii (1)

Alternatively, you can also consider other cups or containers and they will be equally cute too.

Shape the Japanese rice with cling wrap to the desired size and shapes. Then assemble the details using sushi seaweed (I cut the parts freehand).

The side dishes for today’s Cat in Box onigiri is simple but so yummy. A sauteed cabbage dish with salmon.

Have a meowlicious day!

Cat in Box Onigiri kawaii (2)

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  • Lizzie
    December 16, 2015

    So cute! Kitties love that because they calms them to have a little place they can hide. Also the cardboard absorbs their body heat, keeping them cozy.