Chick Sushi Art Roll Bento

kazarimaki sushiChick Sushi Art Roll Bento

Isn’t it cute how the chick is popping out from the egg shell in this sushi art roll design?

It has been sometime since I made sushi art rolls (also known as kazarimaki-sushi in Japanese). I love making sushi art rolls as they are always a surprise and challenge, plus it gives me great satisfaction when the design comes out well.

Inspired by another Chick Sushi Art Roll recipe in a book, I tweaked the design slightly to make my own version.

Chick Kazarimaki Sushi

Making this Chick Sushi Art Roll was surprising very quick, it took me only 30mins including preparing the ingredients.

Which is great so I did not need to rush and could have time to pack the side dishes for the bento too!

This Chick Sushi Art roll is really yummy, since I coloured the rice using scrambled eggs fry in butter (yummy!) and the egg shell border is made of aburaage (fried tofu pocket).

The mouth portion was made from carrot which I cut and trim into oval shape. And the eyes were made from kanpyo strips which I rolled tightly into two small rolls.

kazarimaki sushi

The side dishes for today’s bento included Buffalo chicken drumlets, sauteed broccoli with bacon bits, strawberry and lettuce.

I also used Chick design bento picks to skewer the edamame beans.

I packed the Chick Sushi Art Roll bento into my bean shape – Mame Magewappa Bento box from Zairyo SG.

Zairyo SG is an online  store that offers a wide selection of freshly-imported Japanese food products and tableware.

kazarimaki sushi

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  • 婉婉下午茶
    January 31, 2015

    30min? You’re really amazing!!
    This is super cute!♥♥