Daniel Wellington watch & classic Japanese bento

Classic Japanese Bento Daniel Wellington (2)Made a classic Japanese bento today. Inspired by the Swiss watch maker, Daniel Wellington.

I was so happy when I received the Classic Sheffield (Women) watch from Daniel Wellington. I had such a hard time choosing their beautiful collection.

Here is a glimpse of their homepage of their official site. Visit their website here.

daniel wellington watch

Fallen in love with Daniel Wellington’s clean and classic designs.

This particular one  stood out for its chic yet classic feel, as well as the beautiful crystals used on the clock face. I picked black strap with rose gold.

I love the big clockface but yet just perfectly sized for my wrist. The strap is also of a great size, for once, I need not specially add strap holes. *I wear the smallest hole on the strap that came with the watch. But my wrist is considered quite small.

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classy_34_sheffield_rose_gold_1 IMG_7739

For me, a chic-lasting look is important when picking up fashion items.

Inspired by the classic feel, I decided to make a classic Japanese Bento. So what should go into such a bento~ Japanese onigiri (rice-balls!)

Classic Japanese Bento Daniel Wellington (5)

To keep the colours more muted and classic, the sides included grilled salmon fillet with teriyaki sauce, sauteed french beans with carrots, sauteed mushrooms and lotus roots, lettuce, edamame beans and some boiled broccoli.

I also added two cute monochrome (black & white) pasta pieces. If you remember, I got these pasta at Mustafa supermarket late last year.

Today’s bento was packed in my round enamel white bento box from Noda Horo.

Did you also notice the cute onigiri bento box specially for the onigiri (rice-balls)? It comes with a bamboo wrap to pack it together.

Classic Japanese Bento Daniel Wellington (4)

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Check out their official Instagram account @danielwellingtonwatches

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