Favourite Bentos of 2014

Favourite bento 2014It took me such a long time to choose these 14 bento creations for this Favourite Bentos of 2014 post. It was so hard for me to choose cause there were so many others that I personally liked a lot or found really interesting.

To wrap up 2014, here is some of my bento creations for you~ please click on the posts to read more about each of the bento!

I chose a good mix of different types of bento and a little information on why these bento made it to the favourite list for the year ;)

In addition, I want to also take this opportunity to thank you for your constant support~ I will continue to do my best!

(In no order of preference)Teddy-Bear-Bread-Bento

1. Teddy Bear Bread Bento and Recipe (blog post link)

This was one of the most original recipe and fun creation, I really loved the end result of the teddy bear bread I baked and how they fitted into the bento. It was also a yummy breakfast.Horse-CNY-Bento

2. Chinese New Year Horse Bento (blog post link)

Sometimes simple does it the best. I think in this case, the calligraphic style of the seaweed cutting worked really well for this bento and visually was impactful.Kitty-Cat-bento

3. Kitty Cat Bento (blog post link)

Inspired by some wagashi I saw, I think this mashed potato creation was really cute and I want to cuddle the kittens! The pita bread was also a nice combination with the branding iron mark that I made.Russian Doll Sushi Art Roll Bento (2)

4. Russian Doll Sushi (blog post link)

And of course, sushi art rolls! Another original sushi design of mine that I was really pleased with the final outcome. The placement of the sushi design was spot on and I love the sweet colours.Tigger-Bento-3-

5. Tigger Bento (blog post link)

This bento was a surprise to me. When I was sketching the design the night before, I didn’t expect it to come out so vivid and cheerful. I rarely make Tigger bento but this was a bento that I really liked.Totoro-Seaweed-Cutting-Bento-3-

6. Totoro Seaweed Cutting (blog post link)

This was one of the most challenging seaweed cutting bento as the lines were really fine and the seaweed got a little tangled after I cut it and tried to assemble onto the rice. It took quite a big of effort I love the entire seaweed cutting design. It really reminded me of the movie which I loved and I was also happy that all 3 Totoros were depicted in this bento. Plus I even had time to put together the tutorial.Kitty Udon Bento (2)

7. Kitty Udon Bento (blog post link)

Most of you would know that I like using quail eggs in my bento. This was one of my favourites and also quite popular when I posted it on my social media platforms. I was happy to then see other people making kitty quail eggs inspired by this bento~ Again, sometimes a simple idea goes a long way.Panda-Sakura-Hanami-Bento-25283-2529

8. Panda Sakura Bento (blog post link)

Somehow I always have a weakness for anything Japanese and Sakura. This bento always makes me feel ‘Awwww…’ haha, especially that look on the Panda rice ball. Many have commented that my panda bento character has a certain signature look which I tend to agree :D this sort of pitiful kawaii face! haha I also loved that small matcha cup I made! Kimono seaweed bento

9. Kimono Seaweed Cutting (blog post link)

Though this seaweed cutting looks very complicated, it was actually not that difficult to make. This reminded me again alot of Japan and the beautiful geishas. I liked the little details that I added on the kimono and obi that made this bento design looked really intricate.

Hello Kitty Omurice Bento

10. Hello Kitty Omurice (blog post link)

I loved how this bento was really full of Hello Kitty designs. This was also very popular when I posted it online, seems like many people are still fans of this famous Japanese cat. I loved how the colours came together in this bento and I was also able to use many of my tools and ingredients such as the HK furikake, vegetable cutters and tofu!

Teddy Bear Sushi Bento (1)

11. Teddy Bear Sushi Art (blog post link)

Another original sushi art design of mine. In the past year, I have been getting more inspired to come up with my own designs and the creative process is something that I relished very much and get a lot of satisfaction. This were also among the many sushi creations I made that were featured by bored panda and went quite viral.Cinnamoroll Bento (1)

12. Strawberry Curry (blog post link)

The reason why I chose this bento was because strawberry curry was one of the things I really had wanted to try very much, and was so thrilled that I bought some when I travelled to Tokyo this year. I also loved the whole strawberry theme of this bento.Snoopy Bento (3)

13. Snoopy Bread (blog post link)

A fun breakfast bento that made it to my 2014 favourite bentos list. I liked to have a variety in my bento making and I think in a way, this was one bento to showcase the versatility of bento making. One can not just limit to using rice but explore other types of main dishes such as bread in this case, noodles etc for your bento. Another cheerful bento for you.E5-86-99-E7-9C-9F-2-46-

14. My Sweet Piano Bento (blog post link)

This was one bento that the choice of ingredients to make the character was a good one. The shaved kamaboko (fish cake) really gave My Sweet Piano a fluffy sweet fur like coat which was perfect for the character.

So here you have it! My personal 14 favourite bento creations of 2014.  This year has been an amazing journey especially with the launch of my very own bento cookbook ‘Kawaii Bento‘.

I look forward to an even more awesome new year!

Thank you so much for the support :)

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    Love all your creations! Always very inspiring. Happy New Year Shirley!

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    All so amazing and beautiful! Love all your creations and looking forward your 2015 bento sharing ^_^ Blessed New Year 2015 dear Shirley!

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      Yes time really flies!!! Hope you have a wonderful 2015! and thank you so much for your constant support :)