Frozen Tsum Tsum Bento

Frozen Tsum Tsum Bento (5) Frozen Tsum Tsum!

Another Tsum Tsum bento~ featuring the characters from frozen including Olaf, Anna and Elsa.

As mentioned in my earlier blog post, Tsum Tsum that started out as a LINE game gained international popularity. The game which is titled Disney Tsum Tsum,  translated as ‘Disney stack stack’,  involves connecting at least 3 of the same characters that causes them to ‘explode’, gaining points and coins in the process.

In the Tsum Tsum game, the Disnet characters all have a distinctive look. A much more kawaii plump version of their original selves. They also resemble plush little beanies.

In my earlier Tsum Tsum bentos, I have made e characters including Mickey, Pooh, Piglet, Perry, Donald, Stitch, Mike Wazowski, Chip N Dale.

So this time I decided to go with these cute characters from Disney animation, Frozen.Frozen Tsum Tsum Bento (4)

Hope you can recognise (front to  back) Anna, Elsa and Olaf the Snowman :)

I had fun making all these cute riceball sushi~ I had so much rice left from gathering. So decided to might as well pack a bento this morning.

The ingredients for the characters included:

Elsa the Snow Queen Tsum Tsum

  • rice mixed with a little ketchup (head)
  • white egg sheet (hair)
  • seaweed (eyes and eyebrows)

Anna Tsum Tsum

  • rice mixed with a little ketchup (head)
  • brown egg sheet (hair)
  • seaweed (eyes and eyebrows)

Olaf Tsum Tsum

  • rice (head)
  • white egg sheet (front teeth)
  • seaweed (eyes and eyebrows)
  • carrot slice (nose)

So as you can see, the ingredients are actually very simple. Not too complicated. I managed to make this bento with the side dishes in about an hour. And the sides included deep fried minced pork patties, mizuna and cherry tomatoes side salad, fruit salad.

Frozen Tsum Tsum Bento (2)

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