Fuji san Bento 富士山のキャラ弁

Fuji san Bento (2)Fuji san Bento today! I really miss Japan so much and can’t wait to be back.

Will be heading back to Japan in Nov, am looking forward! Inspired by my Fuji san tissue holder that I have in my bag, I decided to make this Fuji san Bento.

Its so simple, and cute too right?

Since I am planning to go back during the autumn season, I also prepared a more autumn feel bento today.

Fuji san Bento (3)Do you know Mount Fuji? Also known by its endearing name – Fuji san literally translated from its Japanese name 富士山.

To make Fuji san onigiri in this bento, I coloured the rice blue with some blue pea flower extract. Shape tightly into a compact triangular shape for the rice balls, and with the addition of sushi seaweed cut freehand and ham pieces to complete the character.

Its so easy to make!

My husband even said, “wow today you are fast in preparing your lunchbox” :P haha. Fuji san Bento (1)

In line with the autumn feel, I packed in a beautiful autumn nerikiri wagashi, simmered pumpkin with chicken and shiitake mushrooms, tamagoyaki, mizuna vegetables and a cherry tomato.

Packed my Fuji san bento into one of my most prized lacquered magewappa bento box made by Japanese craftsman Yoshinobu Shibata and Masahisa Shibata from the Asakusa Magewappa Store.

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