[Food review] G House Restaurant & Eatery

IMG_2953G House Restaurant & Eatery is a fairly new kid on the map of Dempsey Hill, a area known to be popular with locals, expats and tourists. Don’t confuse this place with G House by Spa Esprit which is also located at Dempsey. 

Boasting an extensive menu, they wanted to offer a dining space where families and groups of people young or old can come together, where there will always be something that everyone likes. 

Their meny ranged from Eating Clean menu to All-Day Breakfast, Western items and even grilled dishes. 

In my opinion, would say that the pricing is rather on the high side for some of the dishes, but pretty acceptable (and expected) for the area the restaurant sits in. For the food, I would say stick to the Thai and pork items.

IMG_2951We started with Waldorf Salad (salad menu) – $15.90.

This was the most disappointing dish of the tasting menu, a lucklustre serving and variety of salad ingredients for the price tag.

Sorry folks, I rather spent my money at Salad Stop. IMG_1384Ham & Cheese Sandwich (Croque Madame) (all-day breakfast menu) – $18.90.

This sandwich was accompanied with Baked Truffled Egg, smoked ham and Gruyere cheese, a cheesy carb affair that was comforting but nothing very spectacular.

But the bread was pretty good. Liked the thick buttery flavour.


Tom Kha Gai – $16.90.

A fusion dish out of this traditional Tom KhaGai by the addition of coconut milk, I enjoyed the spicy kick and creaminess of the soup. Great with a bowl of rice too. IMG_1387 IMG_1391

Hosin Pork Ribs – $31.90 and the Asian Slow Cooked Pork Belly – $26.90 were both some of the more popular dishes that night.

The pork ribs was so tender and well seasoned, with its meat just slipping off the bones like that. Very delicious.

While the pork belly spoke volumes of its long slow cooked process, with melt in the mouth texture that was pretty addictive. 


IMG_1385 IMG_1383

Grilled Cajun Chicken – $18.90 and the Spicy Grilled Squid (Asian menu) – $26.90

he squid served with in house sambal jam is definitely playing up on the Singaporean’s love for spicy food. IMG_1393

Fish & Sweet Potato Fries (eating clean menu) – $20.90.

That sweet potato fries was the ultimate. Not sure if they sold the fries separately (forgot to ask) but if they do, you should order that!IMG_1395 IMG_1397

For desserts, you can choose from the wide selection of bakes from little House of dreams. Sounds familiar? Yes, this is the physical restaurant space apart from its Clarke Quay Central store.

Overall? I wouldn’t say the food was exceptional though wasn’t too bad either. This restaurant will however be great for gatherings and familiar groups with his extensive menu and slightly cheaper prices (relative to the other eateries in that area).

Looking for a venue space at Dempsey? G House Restaurant also has a Party House (max 40pax capacity) located at the back of the restaurant, catering for solemnization parties, birthday parties and those that are looking for a cozy and private area amongst the greenery to hold a gathering. 

G House Restaurant & Eatery

10 Dempsey Road #01-21

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Blog post disclaimer: This was not a sponsored post. The food was compliments of G House Restaurant & Eatery as part of a media tasting session and all views expressed are my own.

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