Goldfish Somen

Goldfish Somen Noodles Foodart  (2)Goldfish somen foodart.


Cold silky somen noodles served with dipping sauce, perfect for the warm summer weather.


In summer, somen chilled with ice is a popular meal to cool down. Read this interesting article by Japan Times here.

Do you like the goldfish depiction?

It is always a happy moment to have inspiration for my food creations.

Thanks to my super talented artist friend @lovelimzy who treated me to birthday dinner and a super lovely maple leaf goldfish artwork of hers, I was very inspired to make a goldfish theme bento. IMG_6540

Just check out other other goldfish work on her instagram post. Amazing!

I also recalled a Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori who I have strong admiration for.

His fishes/flora resin works are incredibly mind blowing.

Painted using traditional methods, meticulously using acrylic on layers and layers of resin. The end result is an incredible piece of ‘sculptural’ work. Riusuke-Fukahori 2

Riusuke-Fukahori 3

Riusuke-FukahoriThis foodart creation is perfect for summer as goldfishes are also often depicted during summer.

My guess is because of the goldfish fishing game commonly seen at Natsu-matsuri (Japanese summer festivals).

So as you can see, my Goldfish Somen foodart drew inspiration from both artists’ work.

These somen noodles are available at the Japanese section of local supermarkets or at Japanese supermarkets such as Isetan and Meidiya. Goldfish Somen Noodles Foodart  (3)

To make the Goldfish Somen foodart, I added goldfishes made out of cherry tomatoes.

After halving the cherry tomatoes, I cut one half into the tail, and added the eyes using black sesame.

Kind of regret not cutting small fins :P

The other details include maple leaves cut from blanched broccoli stem, lotus leaf using Japanese cucumber slices.

The best part about eating somen is that you just need to keep it nicely chilled and dip in some tsuyu sauce.

Very yummy.

One more day to weekend~~ yay~~~

Goldfish Somen Noodles Foodart  (4)

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