Hello Kitty Burger

Hello Kitty Burger Foodart (4)Hello Kitty Burger Foodart!

Hehheh would you eat this Hello Kitty fast food? This fast food foodart is definitely not junk food but healthy homemade dishes.

For instance, to make the ‘french fries’, I cut a small apple into strips and soaked them in a some diluted lemon juice before serving up on the plate.

I even have ‘chilli sauce dip’ which is actually strawberry jam. Hello Kitty Burger Foodart (3)

Do you own a Hello Kitty rice mold? This is one idea for you.

To make rice burger!

Simple fill the mold to about 2/3 full and press down firmly. Repeat to make two.

The Hello Kitty rice burger includes homemade meat patty, some lettuce and a sunny side up.

A little annoyed that I broke the egg yolk of my sunny side up when I placed the top layer of rice on the egg. But oh well~~ :P I didn’t want to waste the egg and cook another one.

The details of Hello Kitty were added using seaweed (eyes and whiskers), mango (nose) and a ribbon pasta.

Accompanied this Hello Kitty burger meal with some fresh mango and SunMoon’s Snazzy Fruit Juice (Lychee). Hello Kitty Burger Foodart (2)Did you also noticed the super cute Hello Kitty Rusk biscuits? I bought a box of them at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport’s Sanrio store.

They are exclusively sold by the store.

Strawberry flavoured rusk biscuits, they come with ribbon prints – so kawaii!

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