Hello Kitty Inari Sushi Bento

Hello Kitty Inari Sushi Bento (1)Hello Kitty Inari Sushi Bento for breakfast today.

Had a late night celebrating my hubby’s birthday yesterday and snooze my alarm for over 30mins. haha. So I needed something really quick and cute to make this morning.

Hello Kitty Inari Sushi to the rescue!

Inari Sushi (inarizushi) is a type of sushi where sushi rice is stuffed into seasoned aburaage tofu pockets. I love the combination of the sweetish taste of the aburaage with the sushi rice.

And nope, I did not draw on these inari tofu pockets, I was really lucky to spot them at Sanrio Puroland in Japan and bought a few packs. Hello Kitty Inari Sushi Bento (2)

Aren’t they the loveliest?

To make sushi rice, like I have shared in my cookbook, you can make your own vinegar sushi mix with a combination of rice vinegar and sugar or buy those commercially available sushi powder mix or liquid. Hello Kitty Inari Sushi Bento (3)

The Hello Kitty Kitty Inari Sushi was then packed in my onigiri bamboo basket. The box is so pretty right? It comes with a mat and string that you roll the basket up with and secure the box. I bought mine in Japan but I think Rakuten Global now sells them too.

Inari sushi is great for bento as they last well long and still taste awesome when cool.

I quickly sauteed some sweet peas with shiitake mushrooms and added some Hello Kitty tofu squares and a ribbon cut from carrot.

Plus a cup of hot matcha latte with Hello Kitty Deco Latte sheet to kickstart mid-week.

Hello Kitty Inari Sushi Bento (4)

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