Hello Kitty Pancakes Bento

Hello Kitty Pancakes Bento (3)Hello Kitty Pancakes Bento!

Dining in or bento take away for you? Hehee, presenting two possible pancakes presentation with Hello Kitty theme.

I actually lost track of when was the last time I actually used this Hello Kitty pancake pan.

In fact, I don’t even think I actually posted on my blog on this before.

Hello Kitty Pancakes Bento (2)To be used only over gas stove, this non stick hello kitty pan makes pretty awesome Hello Kitty shaped pancakes.

Actually my recipe today is more hotcake than pancakes. While to most people outside Japan, hotcakes and pancakes seem to mean the same thing, they are actually quite different for Japanese.

Hotcakes are more fluffy and usually sweeter with the addition of egg, milk and sugar in its batter. Hotcakes are also often enjoyed with maple syrup or other sweet toppings etc. While pancakes are usually not as eggy in taste and less sweet in its batter. It can be enjoyed more with breakfast items like hotdogs and bacon.

Hello Kitty Pancakes Bento (5)For my Hello Kitty hotcakes, I paired them with fresh fruits including kiwi and raspberries. And two homemade chocolate macarons.

As I have some additional batter left, I divided the batter and added a little colour and made rainbow coloured mini pancakes (or hotcakes).

The ribbon mark was made using my customised branding iron from Japan at Kappabashi street in Asakusa.

Hello Kitty Pancakes Bento (4)Did you also noticed the super cute mini Hello Kitty sausages? I found them at AEON supermarket in Hong Kong and was so super thrilled!

They are so cute I had to buy a couple of packs home.

I hope you like today’s breakfast creation!

Hello Kitty Pancakes Bento (1)

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  • kwbentodiary
    August 18, 2015

    Super love this ^_^ Everything so pretty & sweet!

  • wanwantea
    August 18, 2015

    Awww 好甜蜜的煎饼,好喜欢~❤❤