Hen Deco Sushi Bento

Chicken Hen Deco Sushi Bento (2)Hen Deco Sushi Bento.

Featuring a creation from my latest cookbook – Kawaii Deco Sushi, officially launched just about one month ago.

Yes! It is possible to make cute sushi creations too.

Deco sushi, or better known as kazarimakisushi in Japanese is great for bento, parties and even picnics.
Chicken Hen Kazarimaki sushi

Don’t worry if you are a beginner too. I have included good solid chapters of sushi techniques and basics in the book, followed by fully illustrated recipes for you to follow.

The recipes also have difficulty level indicator to guide you along ;)

I also have a chick deco sushi recipe in the same book, you can even make both and pair them together! haha. Chicken Hen Deco Sushi Bento (1)For today’s bento, playing along with the chicken / hen theme, I chose to cook a lovely sunny side up, and also packed some buffalo chicken drumlet in the bento.

The other side dishes included unagi (Japanese grilled eel), lettuce and some blanched broccoli.

Chicken Hen Deco Sushi Bento (3)Here is a glimpse of my cookbook and the recipe.

Do read more about my Kawaii Deco Sushi book and where you are find it / buy it here.

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More info on my bento cookbook titled ‘Kawaii Bento’  here and my 2nd cookbook titled ‘Kawaii Deco Sushi’ out now in stores here!
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