Kawaii Porridge Foodart

Cute Porridge Foodart BabyPorridge foodart bento. Fancy some cute porridge and character food?

Then this post would be up your alley!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram would know that I have been down with stomach flu over the long weekend (quite a bummer really).

So I have been eating literally liquids and eventually baby food :P such as porridge and soupy stuff.

To cheer myself up and to make sure that I will still try to eat and get my energy back, I still made some super simple character food with porridge.

This would be great ideas if you are planning on some chara-food for your baby/toddler too.

(Please note the age of your child and diet restrictions. As thicker porridge is served, more suited to older baby and young and young toddlers)

First up, we have one of my favourite characters from Sanrio – Gudetama. Gudetama Porridge FoodartThis Gudetama Porridge foodart is so hilarious and easy to make.

Plus its really yummy.

The ingredients were:

  • porridge
  • mashed steamed pumpkin
  • seaweed

Method: Arrange the porridge on the plate/dish to mimic the egg white. Then scoop and shape the mashed pumpkin for Gudetama’s body. Using scissors and seaweed punch, cut the eyes and mouth of Gudetama. Assemble the details.

Hello Kitty Porridge BentoNext up, this would be great for slightly more watery porridge.

All you need is a cute shape bento box, like this Hello Kitty Bento Box that I used.

Hello Kitty ingredients

  • mashed purple sweet potato
  • kombu seaweed
  • corn kernel
  • porridge

Method: Simply filled the box with porridge and add in the designs. Here I shaped the mashed purple sweet potato into the parts for the ribbon. The eyes and whiskers were cut from kombu seaweed which was soaked and boiled for about 10 seconds. And one corn kernel for Hello Kitty’s nose.

Kawaii Kiiroitori Porridge FoodartI didn’t share this Kiiroitori on my Instagram as I felt there were way too many porridge foodart.

But thought since I am drafting up this dedicated blog post on cute porridge foodart, then why not include this too.

Ingredients for Kiiroitori Porridge Foodart

  • porridge
  • carrots
  • peas
  • mashed steamed pumpkin
  • seaweed

Method: Scoop the mashed steamed pumpkin on the plate/dish. Shape it into an oval for Kiiroitori. Then add in the details using cut up boiled carrot slice and seaweed. Scoop some porridge on both sides and decorated with some carrots and peas.

Cute My Melody Porridge Foodart (1)This is probably (hopefully) my final porridge meal before I attempt solid food recovering from my stomach flu.

So today I started to introduced fish into the porridge and made this My Melody Porridge Foodart.

Ingredients for My Melody Porridge Foodart

  • Porridge
  • salmon flakes
  • egg sheet
  • seaweed
  • flower namafu *not suited for babies as it might cause choking.

Method: Mix some porridge with the salmon flakes to colour it pink. keep it in the rice cooker so it stays hot while you prepare the other parts. Cut the eyes and nose from seaweed and egg sheet. Boil and pat dry the flower namafu. Scoop and arrange the pink porridge on your plate/dish. Scoop another portion of white porridge for My Melody’s face. Then assemble the parts.

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