Kitty bread buns and VITAGEN

vitagenHomemade Kitty bread buns!

Now that polling day is over, time to move on with some weekend feasting!! yay! love long weekends as always~~

To start, here are some kawaii temptations for you – some homemade Soymilk Kitty bread buns!’

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I got mine at the supermarket :)

For the soymilk homemade bread buns, I have been inspired by the recent baking trend in Japan and decided to try baking these cute pull apart bread buns.

To make the brown patches, I simply brushed on some egg wash that has been mix in with cocoa powder. I like the 3 strips design one on the kitty forehead among all the styles I tried out. Did you also noticed one with the kitty “butt” and tail? hehehe.

Would you like the recipe?

Here it is!

soymilk kitty bread

Pull Apart Bread – Soymilk Kitty Bread Buns

*Makes 9 pieces.

Note: You can choose to wrap fillings for your bread buns if you prefer. I made them plain as I ate the buns with butter and jam. 

(A) 150g bread flour

3 tbsp sugar

1.5 tsp instant dry yeast

1.5 tsp milk powder

160ml warm soymilk (about 35-40C)

(B) 150g bread flour

37g unsalted butter

3/4 tsp salt


(C) Edible pen (black and brown)

1. Mix all (A) ingredients in one bowl. Add in all the other (B) ingredients and mix until most of the ingredients come together.

2. Scrap all the bowl contents including the sides onto your work top. Hand knead the bread dough until smooth and springy, and it doesnt stick to your hands. it should take you about 10mins.

3. Shape into a ball shape and transfer back to the bowl. Cover with cling wrap and let it rest at a warm place for about 40mins (first fermentation) until the dough doubles in size.

4. Do the finger test for the bread dough. Punch out the excess air and remove the bread dough from the bowl.

5. Divide into 10 equal pieces. Cover and let it rest for 10mins (bench time).

6. Flatten each dough and shape into a oval round shape. Place them in a lightly buttered square tin. Repeat for another 8 bread dough pieces. They will be position 3 by 3 in the tin (total 9). Cover with cling wrap while you continue to work on the last bread dough.

7. To the last bread dough piece, divide into 9 pieces, and further divide/cut them into 2 triangular ears and 2 round hands, except the last piece that is shaped into a long strip for kitty tail.

8. Place the small parts on the bread balls in the tin. Brush on the egg wash with a small brush. Cover and let the bread balls rest for about 25-30mins.soymilk kitty pull apart bread

9. Preheat oven at 180C. Bake the bread for about 12 mins. When they start to brown, you might wish to cover gently with a sheet of aluminum foil to keep the kitty faces light and prevent them from browning too much.

10. Remove from over after baking. Let it rest for a bit before removing the bread.

11. Draw the kitty face and paw marks using edible pen.

Note: To remove the bread, the action must be swift and gentle at the same time. With oven mittens on both hands, I held the bread tin and quickly flip the bread over to my other hand and quickly place the bread back on the rack. Remember to be gentle and not flatten your bread :)kitty pull apart bread

Blog post disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by VITAGEN. 

  • Tammy
    September 17, 2015


    Lovely kittens!

    I would love to try this recipe. Could you let me know the size of your square tin?


  • kwbentodiary
    September 14, 2015

    aww…… pull-apart kitties bread ^_^

  • Angela
    September 13, 2015

    So cute! Im trying right now :) How did you make the faces?

    • Little Miss Bento, Shirley Wong
      September 13, 2015

      I am so sorry!!!! I only just saw your message! I used edible pen to draw . Its easier and faster

      • Angela
        September 14, 2015

        Hi it doenst matter :) I made the faces with chocolate! They became not so beautiful as yours but really fluffy, so tasty! Because of your inspiration (and some others) I am also starting a blog and started a new instagram for it (the blog is almost ready yeay!) If you like I can tag you but I’m a little insecure to post it because they are not so beautiful as yours :)

  • Lim Yen Li
    September 13, 2015

    Love your kitty buns! May I know what did you draw the eyes and mouth with? Thanks!

    • Little Miss Bento, Shirley Wong
      September 13, 2015

      Hello! so sorry I missed that out. I used edible pen to draw. hahah its much faster and easier~~

      • Yen Li
        September 14, 2015

        Ok thanks for your reply!