My Melody Inari Sushi

My Melody Inari Sushi (4)My Melody Inari Sushi (or inarizushi) for Friday!

Did you know Sanrio’s My Melody is celebrating her 40th anniversary this year?

As a result there have been a number of limited goods sold by Sanrio shop as well as pop up stores in Japan (want to go so badly!!).

Today I made My Melody and her sheep friend Piano, and best friend Flat the mouse for this Inari Sushi creation.

Inari Sushi is type of sushi, where the sushi rice is stuff into a seasoned fried tofu pocket which we call Aburaage in Japanese.

Inari actually means fox. Reason behind that these sushi are food offerings to fox deity and gained the name Inari Sushi or Inarizushi.

My Melody Inari Sushi (1)Inari Sushi is one of the cheapest and also a popular food. I love the sweetness of the tofu pockets with the sushi rice. Its so good on its own even without additional toppings.

I coloured the rice into the various colours. Namely pink and white for My Melody and Piano, and blue for Flat the mouse.

The details are added using seaweed (eyes and mouth), egg sheet (nose, inner ears) and pink kamboko for My Melody’s ribbon and Piano’s ears.

I then stuff the rice ball and assemble the parts in aburaage.

Side dish included pan fried minced meat patties with vegetables.

My Melody Inari Sushi (5)

Plated the My Melody Inari Sushi on my Birch colour pot mat from @finelittledayshop and My Melody side dish plate I got a Sanrio store.

Have an awesome Friday and weekend!

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