Minions Bento

Minions Bento (4)My hubby promised to take me to watch the latest Minions movie!

Excited~~ hahah

I was giggling and laughing through the movie trailers on YouTube, so so hilarious.

I just knew that I had to make a Minions Bento again. You can also see my past minion/evil minion theme food creations hereMinions Bento (3)

Featuring the 3 key protagonists in the latest Minions, Stuart (left), Kevin (center), and Bob (right).

Kevin the minion sets off on an adventure to meet the minions’ life purpose of serving for the most evil villain boss, and is joined by the ‘always hungry’ teenager Stuart and the timid and shy Bob.

HAHA, I really can’t wait to watch the movie.minions-posters2

I did not want to use too many eggs in this bento yet I wanted to colour the rice naturally. So instead of furikake, or egg yolks, I decided to cook scrambled eggs instead and I mixed the scrambled eggs with Japanese rice to create the yellow coloured riceballs for the minions.

To make it more realistic to the movie characters, I made the jumper suit out of egg sheet. Egg sheet is a cooked layer of egg which is thin and generally quite smooth.

Technique and illustrated method to make egg sheets/coloured egg sheets is covered in my Kawaii Bento cookbook under Techniques section. Minions Bento (5)

Ingredients for minions (Kevin, Stuart, Bob)

  • Japanese rice +scrambled eggs (body, arms)
  • seaweed (eyes, hands, spec bands)
  • grey egg sheet (specs)
  • white egg sheet (eyes)
  • blue egg sheet (jumper)
  • rice + seaweed (shoes)
  • egg sheet (eye lids)

The side dishes for today’s Minions bento are sauteed french beans with mini shrimps, carrots, lettuce and buffalo drumlets.

I think this bento is perfect for Friday!

Just look at Bob’s face, he looks so happy with his arms in the air. heheh.

I was also amused at how I made Stuart hugging a crate of bananas~~ hahah

TGIF everyone.Minions Bento (2)

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  • Valerie Lim
    June 22, 2015


    I’m interested in Bob Minion Bento. I’m wondering do you sell it? I need it on 6 July 2015 Sunday Morning?

    Please reply to

    Thank you! :)


    • Little Miss Bento, Shirley Wong
      June 23, 2015

      Hi Valerie

      Thanks for the interest in my bento. Apologies, I usually dont sell my bento although I have accepted commissioned work before. Usually I only conduct classes

  • Jean (Bentodays)
    June 21, 2015

    Very cute bento! I just watched the movie today with the kids, so funny.

  • Selina
    June 19, 2015

    How can you eat those lovely creatures, your bento boxes are a work of art!