Minions Deco Sushi

Minions Deco Sushi (3)Minions Deco Sushi!

Stuart! Why are you in my lunch box? hahahahh

I even placed my guitar chopstick rest in the bento box, to match the theme. Everyone remembers Stuart and his guitar (just like Bob and his teddy Tim).

Minions Deco Sushi has been on my to-do list for the longest time. So glad I did it!Minions Deco Sushi (5)

Minions fever over yet? I certainly hope not~ And hope you have fun checking out this cute Minions Deco Sushi creation.

It has been about 2 years since my certification with the Tokyo Sushi Academy for their Japan Sushi Instructor Association.

Since then, it has been a fulfilling journey, from learning how to make deco sushi rolls (known as kazarimakisushi in Japanese) to taking the instructor exams, creating my own original recipes like this one, and writing my own deco sushi cookbook (titled Kawaii Deco Sushi) that was published just less than 2 months back.

Thank you for the support always :)

For this Minions Deco Sushi, lets take a look at the sushi roll before cutting it up!Minions Sushi (2)

Divided the sushi roll into four equal pieces.

What is missing are the eyes and mouth which I added using some seaweed cut freehand.

Minions Sushi (1)

Packed two of them into my bento box with some vegetables and pan seared salmon fillet.Minions Deco Sushi (4)

While these two were passed to a friend of mine who is a Minion fanatic. haha. I hope she likes them.

If you are also keen on making deco sushi, remember to check out my cookbook okie!

Promise you that this cookbook covers all the basic techniques with visual illustrations for each of the recipe steps! It will be fun!


Now its time to eat Stuart :P hahaMinions Deco Sushi (2)

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More info on my bento cookbook titled ‘Kawaii Bento’  here and my 2nd cookbook titled ‘Kawaii Deco Sushi’ out now in stores here!
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