Minions and Dinosaur Foodart

Minions Dinosaur Foodart (2)Minions and Dinosaur. hahaha

I am sure those of you who watched the Minions movie, would be familiar with this hilarious scene of the prehistoric minions accidentally causing the demise of their dino-boss.

Minions and Dinosaur

Minions unlike another other type of creatures we know of, love their evil bosses to bits. But have survived since prehistoric days serving and accidentally killing their dino-boss, stone age man, king, general and Dracula before setting on their mission to find the next evil boss. Minions banana

Super amusing to see how the minions who were in awe of their brutish dinosaur but their love for banana had ultimately caused their dino-leader falling into the hot lava :PMinions-Movie-Dinosaur-Images

minions dinosaur ageAfter the movie, I told myself that I have to find an opportunity to make these prehistoric minions together with their dinosaur leader.

And of course, unlike the ‘modern’ day minions, these prehistoric minions were dressed in leaves and greens. Even their headbands are green in colour.Minions Dinosaur Foodart (4)

So I made the 3 minions dressed in their prehistoric outfits too. The green parts are a mixture of lettuce and green egg sheet.

Their already ‘dead’ dinosaur boss is actually a thin slice of wholemeal wrap. And I had to make the hot lava too – the actual food is red curry prawns, cooked using Dancing Chef’s the red curry paste. Pretty fiery in flavour to.Minions Dinosaur Foodart (5)

The stone cliff edge is actually a small chunk of sourdough bread. A super fun Minions and Dinosaur foodart to make to start the week.

Happy Monday!!

Minions Dinosaur Foodart (1)

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