Mosaic Bento

IMG_1464One of the trend that hit town around mid last year in Japan was Mosiac Bento.

Through geometrical neat arrangements of the ingredients, the result was a highly attractive elegant sushi bento.

I fell in love with the mosaic bento design. So so gorgeous and  not to mention, easy to achieve too. Just prepare a variety of ingredients that you like, colorful will be best, and cut them into squares and arrange them in the box.

For me, I obviously prefer them cute and kawaii. ;P haha so I made quite a no of mosaic bento designs.DC37BB62-F494-4668-8F5C-DB4FF933A0BB

The Sanrio one above remains one of my favourites.

When October month was around the corner, I made a Halloween inspired Mosaic Bento.


Knowing that some of you may not really consume rice in your usual diet, I made a sandwich mosaic bento too.
During my trip to Bangkok (Thailand) to teach cooking, I discovered a quaint little tea store that sold really lovely homemade spreads with flavours like matcha, houjicha and even pickled sakura.
They tasted amazing and also had lovely colors. So I used them for this animal theme sandwich mosaic bento.
What was even more amazing was that my Mosaic bento creations caught the eye of the producers of Bento Expo – a special bento programme by NHK World  again.
So they came over to film me and my bento making for the programme – Special Episode.
If you missed it, don’t worry. You can catch the episodes again at
The filming took place around the December period and the first episode was slated for airing during Christmas period, so I made a Christmas theme mosaic bento. 966B5C37-6BD6-4EC1-B31D-786EE59E6535
I also did a twist on the regular square/rectangular mosaic bento and made another version in a round tingkat bento. EEFD7E85-A2B9-44CC-89B5-71C3AA505C74

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