One Piece Bento

Luffy One Piece BentoOne Piece Bento! Gomu gomu no~~~

Do you know Luffy from One Piece? Monkey D Luffy is also known as Straw Hat Luffy is the key character of the Japanese One Piece manga and anime. He is also the founder and leader of the Straw Hat pirate and possess powers with rubber properties after eating the Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil’s Fruit.

Made this bento for my stage appearance at the Funan Anime Matsuri held at Funan shopping mall over this weekend.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 9.05.42 am

Since the Anime Matsuri is all about Japanese popular culture, I thought that a manga theme bento would be most apt.

I am no cosplayer, but I certainly hope that this bento would delight the otaku fans there.

Personally I love One Piece, it is still my favourite manga/anime series.

Thanks to my husband who first introduced me to One Piece, I fell in love with Luffy and his pirate gang.

I wouldn’t say I am an otaku, more like a J-fanatic as I certainly am in love with many aspects of Japanese culture and part of it is the Japanese animation.

I had a late night yesterday, so I wanted to make a bento that would be impressive and fast.Luffy One Piece Bento

Seaweed cutting bento was an excellent choice. Took me about 30mins to cut the seaweed and I spent another 30mins to cook and assemble the bento.

As the seaweed outlines are very thin, to assemble on the bento, I used oblate sheets.

Have mentioned this numerous times and shared tutorials on my blog (for seaweed cutting bento) as well as in my bento cookbook “Kawaii Bento”.

The side dishes were spicy fish meat patties, broccoli, lettuce, hard boiled egg made into Thousand Sunny, and carrot pieces which I cut using my One Piece theme vegetable cutters. Got the vegetable cutters in a whole set together with some rice molds some time back.

If you missed my stage appearance today at 12noon, don’t worry. I will be appearing on Sunday’s show at 11am too to do a bento demo session.

Hope to see you there!

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