Pocky Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

IMG_6736Pocky Strawberry Shortcake Recipe!

Perfect for impressing your friends and also for Valentines or a special occassion!

I have been thinking about baking a Pocky cake for a very long time. Really happy that I made this and comments from my friends who ate this strawberry shortcake have been positive so I hope you enjoy this recipe post!

And I hope you will enjoy baking this super sweet looking Pocky Strawberry Shortcake.

For this Pocky Strawberry shortcake recipe, I used my trusty Bosch MaxxiMum Kitchen Machine MUMXL40Gby Bosch Singapore.


After attending a media session with Bosch Singapore, I was selected as one of the few bloggers to receive this Bosch MaxxiMum Kitchen Machine MUMXL40G.


A powerful machine has more than 120 functions, thanks to the wide variety of accessories that includes a 5.4litres stainless steel bowl, silicon stirring whisk, beating whisk, kneading hook, ThermoSafe glass blender, continuous shredder with 4 discs, etc.



–Pocky Strawberry Shortcake Recipe–



For sponge cake

  • cake flour 140g
  • sugar 140g
  • eggs medium (approx 55g with shell) x 4 * eggs should be at room temperature
  • unsalted butter 20g
  • milk 50ml
  • salad oil 20g
  • half a vanilla bean pod


For whipped cream/fillings

  • 400ml whipping cream
  • 20g sugar
  • 1 tbsp kirsch
  • strawberries

For syrup

  • water 70ml
  • kirsch 1 tbsp
  • sugar 20g

For decoration

  • Pocky sticks (your favourite flavours)


* Heat and melt butter and milk over water bath until melted. You can also add the vanilla beans to the milk and butter mixture here.

* Hand whisk the eggs and sugar in a bowl over a pot of boiling water till reach 60C, or when you see steam. Keep whisking if not the eggs will be cooked.



1. Quickly transfer the egg mixture into the mixing bowl and using the beating whisk, beat the egg and sugar mixture at the highest speed until it turns light yellow and reaches the ribbon stage.

2. Remove the whisk and knock the whisk on the sides of the steel bowl to remove the mixture on the beating whisk.


3. Change and attach on the silicon stirring whisk.


4. Sieve in the cake flour.

5. Whisk at medium speed (3) to fold in the flour. Avoid over mixing.

6. Scoop a little of the mixture into the bowl of melted butter, milk. salad oil and vanilla beans. mix well. Then transfer everything back into your mixing bowl and continue to whisk at medium speed (3) until you achieve a smooth mixture, with no lumps or streaks of butter/milk etc. Avoid over mixing.


7. Line your cake pan with baking paper, pour in the batter and bake at 170-180C for 30mins.


8. After baking, remove from oven and quickly drop the cake in the tin at the height on your work top. And let the cake rest upside on the cooling rack. This is to prevent shrinkage.

9. When cooled, slice the cake into 2 layers. Also remove the top browned layer.



10. Add in whipping cream, kirsch and sugar into your mixing bowl and whisk at high speed until stiff peaks stage. Set in chiller.



11. In a pot, heat water and sugar until sugar is melted. Let it cool and add in kirsch.


12 Brush the syrup on the cake. Spread a layer of whipped cream and add in your strawberry slices.

13. Top it with more whipped cream and spread to cover the strawberries.

14. Brush syrup on the top slice of cake on both sides. Stack the top layer of sponge cake on top then cover the sides and top with whipped cream. Set in the chiller for 30mins,

15. Remove from chiller. Scoop more whipped cream on the cake and cover the cake with whipped cream.

16. Arrange the pocky sticks around the sides of the cake and add the strawberries in the center.

17. Brush on some glaze on the strawberries to enhance the look. I also recommend adding a ribbon to hold the pocky sticks together. This is also helpful if you need to transport the cake.

IMG_6669 IMG_6673IMG_6676IMG_6795

Blog post disclaimer: The Bosch MaxxiMum Kitchen Machine is compliments of Bosch Singapore for this review post. No other monetary compensation was received and all views expressed are my own.

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  • shaann
    February 6, 2015

    Hi, love ur strawberry cake. In cake batter.. ingredient didnt saw any sugar mention but in ur step did whisk egg and sugar and which step do we have to add in salad oil it wasnt mention in your step? How many gram of sugar fr cake batter? Thanks