PomPomPurin Sushi

PomPomPurin Sushi (5) Pom Pom Purin Sushi

Sharing another creation that I made over the weekend. Same reason why I made Winnie the Pooh. I had so much leftover rice from teaching bento workshop so had to find a way to use the rice.

Deco sushi was one good way. Yummy to eat and cute.

Since the rice I had was yellow (was teaching minions bento workshop), so I decided to could make PomPomPurin Sushi!

Deco sushi or known as kazarimakisushi in Japanese is something that I picked up since end 2012. Subsequently after my instructor certification examination in Japan, I continued to make more deco sushi and kawaii sushi designs, and coming up with my own original designs.

This PomPomPurin is definitely an original design based on the popular Sanrio character. PomPomPurin Sushi (2)

If you are living outside Japan, this might not be very familiar to you. But PomPomPurin actually won the most popular character in the recent voting conducted by Sanrio for their magazine Strawberry News.

Making deco sushi is definitely very fun and the techniques can be picked up through my recently launched cookbook ‘Kawaii Deco Sushi‘.

Once you master the basic recipes and techniques, there are just so many ways and possibilities you can make Deco Sushi!

PomPomPurin Sushi (4)The dark brown portions are actually kanpyo, which are seasoned gourd strips. Used that to make the eyes, nose and PomPomPurin’s signature beret.

For kanpyo i like the ones sold at Cold Storage Japanese section. They are value of money and the kanpyo strips are longer and darker in tone. Better for sushi making.

To colour the rice yellow, you can mix in egg yolk, or yellow furikake too.

PomPomPurin Sushi (1)Paired the PomPomPurin sushi with some baked salmon fillet and a side salad.

So easy and yummy!

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