[Recipe] Pooh Bear – Baked Cream Cheese Tarts

IMG_2051Happy that I finally got this recipe post for baked cream cheese tart up on my blog.

Ever since the Hokkaido’s BAKE cheese tart hit Singapore shores earlier this year, everyone has gone crazy for their yummy tarts. I personally love them too, but since I usually prefer to buy & eat them when I am back in Japan (read: no queue).

I guess the other alternative is to try baking some myself too. :) So I started baking these tarts about 2 months back.

Since then I made a few rounds of these baked cream cheese both plain and also with character designs.

The recipe was adapated from Michelin Guide Sg.

This time i decided to make them into Winnie the Pooh bear designs, and with little bumblebees too!IMG_2052

Aren’t they cute?

It is recommended that you use Hokkaido cream cheese for an authentic taste.

Hokkaido cream cheese also gives a more delicate and softer texture to that delicious cream cheese filling.

However, you can use the regular cream cheese that you can get from your supermarket most convenient for you.

Have fun baking these Winnie the Pooh Baked Cream Cheese Tart!


Tart Crust

150g cake flour

75g unsalted butter (cut into small cubes)

30g icing sugar

1 egg yolk

1 tsp milk

0.5 tsp vanilla bean paste

Cream Cheese Filling

200g Hokkaido Cream Cheese (or other cream cheese brand you use)

20g Parmesan cheese

30g unsalted butter

1/4 tsp salt

100ml milk

1/2 vanilla bean pod OR 0.5 tsp vanilla bean paste

30g icing sugar

8g corn starch

1 medium size egg

1 1/3 Tbsp lemon juice

For egg wash

1 egg yolk +a few drops of water


Prepare Tart Crust Part I

this recipes makes about 9-11 tarts (this depends on whether you are making designs or just plain). In this case, for Winnie the Pooh, I made 9 tarts and use the remainign dough to create the ears and bumblee details etc.

Add the ingredients in a bowl.

Use a scrapper, dice up the mixture quickly until they resemble crumbs.

Transfer onto the worktop, press and knead until they come together.

Tip: Stop once they come together, do not knead too long as the butter will melt a lot and you will get an oily mess.

Spread into a round disc of about 1 inch thick. Wrap with cling wrap and set in the chiller for about 45mins to 1hour.

In the meantime, move on to prepare the cream cheese filling. IMG_2026 IMG_2027

Cream Cheese Filling 

Using electric mixer, beat the egg until thick and fluffy.

Place the cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, milk, butter, salt in a bowl. If you are using vanilla bean pod, cut open, scrap the beans and add into the mixture. If not just add the vanilla bean paste directly here.

Heat the mixture over water bath until all the butter and cheeses melt into an even creamy texture.

Remove from heat. Sieve in the corn starch and icing sugar. Using a hand whisk, whisk to achieve an even mixture with no visible clumps.

Then add in the egg and using hand whisk, whisk quickly to achieve an even mixture.

Place the bowl back into the water bath and turn back on the heat. Keep mixing.whisking until the mixture thickens and you can a smooth, slightly glossy, custard-like texture.

Remove from heat.

Add in the lemon juice, whisk to achieve an even mixture.

Transfer the cream cheese custard filling into piping bag and set in the chiller. IMG_2028 IMG_2029 IMG_2030 IMG_2031 IMG_2032

Tart Crust Part II

Remove the tart crust dough from chiller.

Butter your tart tins. Preheat oven to 180c.

Roll out to about 3mm thickness. using a bowl or round cutter, cut the dough and transfer into your tart tins. Using your thumbs, gently press the sides and trim/cut the excess edges using scrapper.

Use a fork, prick the base. This is to prevent the tart crust from rising when blind baking the crust.

Repeat for all tart tins.

Using the excess dough, cut out small round circles for Pooh’s ears, as well as the oval and halved heart shape for bee and its wings. IMG_2033


Bake the tart tins at 180C (with fan on) for about 8mins. In between at around 6mins mark, you may need to remove the smaller pieces of Pooh’s ears and bee shapes.

Remove from oven. Let it cool slightly. Remove the crust from tart tins.

Pipe in the cream cheese filling. Brush gently a layer of egg yolk wash.

Bake at 250C for 8mins or until the edge is nicely brown and top starts to brown just a little.

Remove from oven.IMG_2034


Decoration, Final Assembly

Make two slits at the top left and right corner of the tarts, slide in the round cookies for Pooh’s ears.

Pipe melted chocolate for eyes/nose of Pooh bear as well as the details of the bee. I stuck the bee on the tarts using some melted chocolate behind. IMG_2054

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  • Anna
    September 12, 2016

    A very lovely creation.
    Can I know where to buy to buy the Hokkaido cream cheese in Singapore?

  • Gem
    August 25, 2016

    These are so adorable! I wish I have the skills to make them ;)