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Did you know that Meiji Run is back this year? Known as the most delicious race :) finishers of the race would receive a delicious treat including Meiji Hamper on top of their medals.

Since the race is happening, I think we can afford a little treat now (and burn the calories later :P) haha.

Sharing the recipe for these cute and delicious Meiji Chocolate Waffle sticks. Crisp and chocolately, just like how I like my waffles.

Try them for a party or when you need a perk me up._DSC2314

Meiji Chocolate Waffles Recipe (watch recipe video here)


  • Meiji Dark Chocolate Bar x 1
  • unsalted butter 30g
  • medium egg x 1
  • sugar 30g
  • Meiji milk 100ml
  • salad oil 2 Tbsp
  • cake flour 100g + baking powder 5g
  • Meiji Hello Panda
  • Meiji Fruit Gummy
  • Meiji’s Poifull_DSC2333 _DSC2338


1. Melt chocolate and butter in a microwave at approx 300W (low heat) for 20 seconds. Alternatively you can also use water bath to melt the chocolate butter mixture.

2. Whisk egg and sugar until thick and fluffy.

3. Add in Meiji milk. Then add in the chocolate butter mixture from step 1.

4. Add in salad oil.

5. Sieve in the flour together with the baking powder. Mix until incorporated.

6. Cook the waffles in the pan for about 2-3minutes on each side.

7. Let it cool slightly, divide into strips.

8. Make a slit in the middle using a small knife. Insert an ice-cream stick.

9. Pipe on freshly whipped cream. Add your favourite toppings like Meiji’s Hello Panda, fruit gummy and Poifull._DSC2328 _DSC2322

Enjoy this cute and delicious Meiji treat!_DSC2313

And dont forget to sign up for the Meiji RunMeiji Event Nook-04

FB Post - Meiji Entitlements

You can pick a more leisurely 5km Fun Run or if you are into competitive race, then the 10km Competitive Cash Back Run will be up your alley.

Race will take place on 20 may 2017 (Saturday) 3pm to 8pm at Sentosa (Palawan Green).

Register has started at

What’s more, at the race, there are also activities including movie screening, Japanese food fair, Lucky Draw and photobooths. Sounds really fun!

And my fellow yoga enthusiasts can join in “Meiji Yoga”, a mass yoga session in which participants will be treated to Meiji Amino Collagen before their yoga session and a Meiji Breakfast, which includes delicious Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt served with fruits and it’s newly launched Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt Drink.

On top of that, participants can even enjoy a short spa massage or manicure at the sponsor’s booth.

Yoga (Amino Collagen Hour) 7:30am – 9:00am

Meiji Breakfast & Spa (Bulgaria Yoghurt Hour) 9:00am – 10:30am



Post proudly brought to you by Meiji.