Rilakkuma Okonomiyaki Bento

Cute Rilakkuma Okonomiyaki  (4)Rilakkuma okonomiyaki breakfast bento!

Snoozed my alarm twice this morning (haha) so decided to whip up something quick for breakfast.

How about some homemade cute okonomiyaki?

Okonomiyaki is a popular Japanese savory pancake. Okonomi is translated as ‘as you like it’, and Yaki means grilled or fried, so the pancakes can be ordered with different toppings and ingredients as you preferred.

Although popular in the Kansai region, okonomiyaki is also consumed all around Japan. The style however varies between regions.

Cute Rilakkuma Okonomiyaki  (3)

Today my Rilakkuma okonomiyaki is more of the Osaka Kansai style.

Made from a batter of flour, egg, dashi, shredded cabbage, sakura ebi; and grilled on both sides on a pan.

Served with Okonomiyaki sauce, katsuobushi (bonito flakes) and mayonnaise.

Oh so yummy! Even when it is cooled, it still tasted so good. Cute Rilakkuma Okonomiyaki  (1)

Of course I needed more than a usual okonomiyaki, it had to be kawaii too.

Made the Okonomiyaki into Rilakkuma paired with some vegetable, Rilakkuma kamaboko (fish cakes) and miso soup.

To create Rilakkuma, I added eyes, nose, ears made from egg sheet and seaweed.

Also so loving these Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma/Kiiroitori kamaboko fishcakes, my first time seeing these designs.

Hope this Rilakkuma Okonomiyaki will also inspire you to make your own cute savoury pancakes!Cute Rilakkuma Okonomiyaki  (1)

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