Teddy Bear Omurice Bento

Teddy Bear Omurice Bento (1) Teddy Bear Omurice Bento.

Or more accurately egg wrapped rice :D bento. A simple design, variation from my Hello Kitty Omurice Bento made sometime back.

I cooked a pot of Watercress pork ribs soup to warm the tummy for lunch, so decided to pack a small bento to go with my soup.

This is easy bento to make, just utilitise some of the cute cutters that you have.

A similar recipe to make the deco omelette egg sheet is also shared in my Kawaii Bento cookbookTeddy Bear Omurice Bento (5)

Here is how to make this deco omelette:

  • 2 eggs
  • butter
  • 0.5tsp corn starch, dissolved with a little water
  • cutters
  1. Separate one egg white from the eggs. Add in the dissolved corn starch and mix well. Strain the mixture to remove the gooey parts of the egg white. Set aside
  2. Mix the remaining yolk + 1 egg in a bowl. If there are a lot of bubbles, please strain to remove the bubbles.
  3. Butter your frypan. Pour in the egg from step 2 and cook under low heat.
  4. Turn off the heat when the ends are about 80% cooked. Let the remaining heat in the pan cook the egg for about 30secs or so.
  5. Remove from pan and lay it on a cutting board. Using your cutters, cut out the shapes as desired.
  6. Place the egg sheet again in the pan. Slowly scoop in the egg white mixture from step 1 into the cut outs.
  7. Cook the egg again using low heat until the egg whites are cooked.
  8. Remove. Wrap your rice with the deco egg sheet.

Teddy Bear Omurice Bento (2)The side dishes for today’s teddy bear omurice bento included some sauteed prawns, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and blanched broccoli.

Prepared a cup of matcha latte with a deco latte sheet (deco cheat) haha. Loving these deco latte sheets. They are so cute right.

The Japanese words ‘がんばってね’ means go your best, a form of encouragement.

Here I am encouraging myself and you (reading this)! :) For me, I really hope that my newly launched cookbook – Kawaii Deco Sushi will do well. Please do read more about my new cookbook here and support me too!

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