Totoro Deco Steam Cake

Totoro Deco Steam CakeIt has been some time since I made deco steam cakes. After such a long time, I decided to make these Totoro deco steam cakes.

I made some minor tweaks to the design and the ingredients, and using Valrhona cocoa powder instead.

After some 2 years, the cakes definitely look cuter and neater too. :P

This recipe should be nothing new to most of you if you have been following my blog, but here is the updates for what I made today.Totoro Deco Steam Cake (3)

Japanese steam yogurt cakes (mushi pan)

Totoro Deco Steam Cakes

*makes 4


  • Morinaga hotcake mix 1pkt (150g) (some of my readers have used other ready pancake mixes too but I usually stick to morinaga cause I like the taste)
  • sugar 20g
  • eggs (small) 2
  • yogurt (I used marigold plain yogurt with sugar) 100g
  • baking powder 3g
  • salad oil 1tbsp (if you do not have salad oil, you can use usual cooking vegetable oil, you can also omit the oil entirely if you prefer a healthy recipe)
  • vanilla beans paste (0.5 tsp) optional
  • valrhona cocoa powder 1 tsp
  • black cocoa powder (for outlines) 0.5tsp
  • cake flour 1.5 tsp

1. In a bowl, add in the wet ingredients of yogurt, egg, salad oil, vanilla bean paste and mix well. Then add in sugar and hotcake mix flour and mix well.

2. In small bowls, add in (A) 0.5 tsp black cocoa powder (B) 1.5tsp cake flour

3. Then scoop in the batter from step 1 (A) 2 tsp of batter (B) 6 tsp of batter. Mix well. Transfer them into small homemade piping bags made from baking/parchment paper.

4. To the remaining batter, add in sifted valrhona cocoa powder and mix well. Transfer into 4 muffin cups. You should have about 2 tsp of batter left (this is for the ears later).Recipe for Totoro Cake (2)

5. Then pipe in the outlines using (A) from step 3. And fill in the rest of the design using (B) and (A). See the sequence of the design in the photo illustrated below.Recipe for Totoro Cake (3)

6. Place a steamer rack in a large pot with water, bring to boil. I place the muffin cups inside small ramekins, then on the steamer rack. Steam the cakes for about 15mins.


- The pot should be tall enough to ensure sufficient space for the rising of the steam cake

- Please use a steamer cloth to wrap the pot lid, this is to prevent water from dripping onto the cake and spoiling the designs or causing sinkage

- Please use low heat when steaming the cakes, too high heat might cause the cakes to split and destroy the designs

- As my muffin cups are very thin, I used ramekin bowls. You can also consider using double layer when steaming so that the muffin cup will not expand too much and the design will stay intact. 

7. To the remaining batter from step 4. Add in 0.5 tsp cake flour and mix well. Transfer into small homemade piping bag made from baking/parchment paper.

8. Pipe the ears and you can also pipe the soot spirits (susuwatari) on baking/parchment paper. Steam for 3 mins under low heat. Peel off from the baking paper. Make small slits at the top of the steam cakes and slot in the ‘ears’ to complete the Totoro deco steam cake characters.Recipe for Totoro Cake (1)Totoro Deco Steam Cake (1)

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