Totoro Spam Musubi

Totoro Musubi Onigiri (3)Totoro Spam Musubi

Today’s idea is not new, in fact, you might have seen on the web before but I have never made my own Totoro Spam Musubi, so I figured why not? Plus there is always something slightly different from how each bento/foodart maker creates the food.

Musubi is actually onigiri, and spam musubi is supposed to be a very popular snack/food in Hawaii.

So today I made my Spam and egg musubi into Totoro characters!

I simply cut the spam into about 50mm thickness (or 0.5cm), and grilled them in a pan. I also cooked some egg omelette.

Using a traditional Oshizushihako (押し寿司箱) , I press the rice and topped with the egg omelette into the press sushi block. And divided it into 3 parts.

I bought my Oshizushihako from Bento & Co. Here are some pictures of the Oshizushihako that I used (image source: Bento & co)

Oshizushihako Oshizushihako 2

To each piece, I topped with the piece of grilled spam that has been trimmed slightly into the Totoro ears/shape.

The details were added on using seaweed, egg sheet and cheese.

Then wrap a thin strip of nori seaweed around to complete this kawaii Totoro spam musubi.

Totoro Musubi Onigiri (2)Can you tell who is the odd one out amongst the Totoro trio? hahaha

I thought its so cute that one of them is not grinning/mouthless :P

Quite an unhealthy but super yummy onigiri meal. You can of course choose to use reduced fat or turkey meat spam for a healthier choice.

Time to eat you Totoro~~~~~ muahahahahah

Totoro Musubi Onigiri (1)

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