Tsum Tsum Bento

Tsum Tsum Bento (2)Tsum Tsum Bento!

Tsum Tsum is definitely one of the hottest things now (aside from Gudetama,… haha).

Started out as a LINE game, this Disney mobile game became a hit with people across the globe playing this stacking game. Titled Disney Tsum Tsum, which is translated as ‘Disney stack stack’, the game involves connecting at least 3 of the same characters that causes them to ‘explode’, gaining points and coins in the process. The longer the chain, the more you earn.

These cute Disney characters are all kawaii version of their original self, looking more baby like, and shaped like plush little beanies stacked on top of each other.

I have been putting off making Tsum Tsum, except a handful bento earlier but felt like creating one this morning!

Tsum Tsum Bento (5)Have you played Disney Tsum Tsum before?

Here is a glimpse of the game.

This is so popular that the game has spin off merchandise and products based on Tsum Tsum Disney characters.

It is pretty amazing the number of characters that have been already introduced into the game.

disney Tsum tsumTo make this Tsum Tsum Bento, the characters were shaped using Japanese rice.

I managed to make them in decreasing sizes, stacked on top of each other.

A total of seven Tsum Tsum characters. (Bottom up) Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Stitch, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Mike Wazowski (from Monsters Inc) and Perry (from Phineas and Ferb). The last two characters were actually not as familiar to me.

One of the most tricky part of making this Tsum Tsum bento is to ensure that all of them fit all inside the box.

But I managed to do it! So happy.

I did however wishes that I used ham for piglet’s nose instead as the pink kamaboko sort of ‘disappeared’ on the pink rice :P

Tsum Tsum Bento (3)The side dishes included sauteed pork slices, mizuna salad with cucumber and cherry tomates and some fruits.

Packed this Tsum Tsum bento in my white monbento box.

Tea towel is from ihanna, cute design right?

Tsum Tsum Bento (1)You might also noticed some slightly different way of taking my photos. Been playing around with a set of Nikon J4 camera and Nikon’s macro lens.

Still trying to get used to using a camera versus my usual iPHone. I do like the narrow depth of field effect in the photos :)

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