Tsum Tsum Sushi Roll

Tsum Tsum Sushi Rolls! 1041250A-50CB-495F-92CC-948EC6414141One of my new year resolutions is to give my  blog greater attention and more love. After my leg injury last year, it has been rather difficult getting back my mojo to blog regularly – an affair that I used to do almost daily.

So starting today, I will be sharing many of the postings that I have made but had not the chance to post them here. I have been posting much more regularly on my Instagram than my blog over the past one year :P.

Many of you would know that I enjoy making decorative sushi rolls, also known as kazarimaki sushi. My second cookbook ‘ Kawaii Deco Sushi’ was dedicated solely to recipes for decorative sushi rolls.

I also like to create Disney characters in my sushi rolls. Especially Tsum Tsum characters.

Being cute and roundish in shape – making them easier to be replicated in sushi rolls.


To start the week, let us enjoy some lovely Disney Tsum Tsum Sushi. I cannot decide which ones I like better, so here a compilation of some of the Tsum Tsum sushi I made.

Frozen series~~~ Elsa the Snow Queen, Anna and of course, the adorable Olaf.


We have good old Winnie the Pooh and friends!0872FF78-BCF7-484A-8950-5A373634EC13

Here is Mickey and Minnie together with Donald and Daffy. 

And not forgetting the Disney princesses – Tinkerbell, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

Ever since I started my journey in bento making, I remained very thankful to the various opportunities I have received.

So imagine my excitement when I was invited to Tokyo to teach a kazarimaki sushi  workshop. Thank you Japan Awaits for hosting me.

I hope I will have the chance to teach in Tokyo again soon.

Here are some photos from the workshop from one of the sessions. It was so much fun teaching everyone – thank you so much for coming.

IMG_1152 IMG_1153 IMG_1154


Final shot of the Tsum Tsum sushi created during class!B24C67DB-0D73-4803-BAEA-779DA6091A2F

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  • Sparklewolfie
    January 18, 2017

    These are too cute! I love TsumTsum so much! I tried to make kazarimaki sushi before as well, but usually use too much rice so it becomes too thick and large ^^;

    I love your instagram as well (it is how I found your blog) but blog posts are more interesting and engaging, so I’m happy you will post here more! Look forward to read more from you :3